How IRL conversation can deliver more value to your team than you’d ever expect

The Notable team devotes significant time to writing, social media and SEO on a weekly basis but it’s our personal relationships with each other, our partners and Millennial friends that establish real community and connection. If social media were the Notable cake, spending IRL time together would be the buttercream icing.

The Notable team connects during cocktail hour, in the Notable Lounge, with some snacks and a glass of scotch from The Glenlivet. The idea behind having The Glenlivet #ScotchCart in the Notable Lounge is that single malt scotch whisky naturally inspires conversation and a fine dram of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve will help you unwind with colleagues at the end of a long day.


Scotch is all about quality, not quantity.

Business founders and leaders need to actively and regularly invest time in their relationships with their colleagues and peers; asking questions and listening to ideas. Inspiring trust and heightened motivation will ultimately impact business positively. Human relationships are often not fast-burning things, especially in business, but they certainly reap valuable rewards.

Socializing with your team or prospects can deliver more value to your business than you’d expect. Here are the 5 ways that Notable uses The Glenlivet #ScotchCart and social networking to positively impact our business:

To Inspire Our Community
One of the most valuable actions you can take as a business founder is to benefit your peers with knowledge; information that they can hold in their memory banks to use at a later date. Notable loves to host The Glenlivet #ScotchCart experience because expert brand ambassadors come to the Notable Lounge entertain our guests with a journey through the complexities of scotch.

To Make New Friends
Socializing with friends at work won’t necessarily convert to dollars but they will help to keep you motivated. The moment you get a group together is the moment you gain friends who care about making business is successful. Sipping on The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve is a tribute to the way The Glenlivet was originally made with the brand’s founder, George Smith — a nod to having an idea, following it through to fruition, and sustaining success.

To Inspire New Opportunities
Your network is going to eventually bring you new contracts, and those will benefit your business’ bottom-line directly. Networking and sharing knowledge over The Glenlivet #ScotchCart will introduce you to new people and expose your business to new opportunities, we guarantee it. Opportunities we love, like joint ventures and collaborations and partnerships, will pop out of the woodworks over a dram of scotch because all the best opportunities are shared person to person.

To Offer Somebody Advice They Needed To Hear
Entrepreneurs, business founders and driven Millennials can offer better operational advice than Google in most instances — someone has surely already experienced something you’re struggling with, and you’ve already been successful in an area that is currently stressing somebody else out. We rely on our networks to advise us and keep us on track, and we give back to our networks in return. Give a lot and you have credit in the bank when you need to make a withdrawal. The better your network the more knowledge you can tap into.

To Collaborate On Something Cool
Meet some friends over The Glenlivet #ScotchCart and you may walk away with a new partner to who will help you with:

  • Co-marketing or branding a product or service promotion, giving you a boost in traffic, sales or brand reputation.
  • Growing your social community twofold by helping you build your conversation in their community.
  • Expertise in your market by sharing your brand news with their network
    Introductions to industry experts by connecting you to people you would like to meet or who they think are awesome.
  • Putting out a fire by doing something handy like fixing dodgy code or giving your business a glowing review on Google.

Notable loves to pay gratitude to our friends and colleagues over a glass of scotch, it’s one of our favourite #NotableLife pastimes because every single connection you make through conversation is worth its weight in gold.

Inspire your team and invest in relationships by booking your own #ScotchCart tasting with a minimum of 20 team members and friends at

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