If you don’t know about Panoramio, you should. Basically, it works with Google Earth and Google Maps so that you have access to other people’s photos of locations throughout the world – it’s like Street View but with personality. Instead of a stagnant shot taken from a car a year ago, you can stream through thousands of photos taken of an area in order to better understand exactly what it’s like. And according to Sitesmap.com, a super-cool interactive map that utilizes geo-tagging, these are the most photographed locations in downtown T.O. – aka, south of Bloor. We suspect this list is the fault of tourists everywhere. Disagree? Hit us with some of your favourite Toronto shots. 

1. Steam Whistle
Okay – what? We love Steam Whistle as much as anyone, but have they suddenly switched from making beer to uploading photos full-time? Do people get a beer in their hand and just go nuts with their camera? Actually, wait, that’s exactly what happens.

2. CN Tower
Steam Whistle has clearly thrown this list for a loop. How the defining icon of our city is not the #1 pic (see what we did there) seems a little off. Then again, that elevator ride is hella long.

3. Nathan Philips Square
Finally, something that makes sense. It’s in the centre of the city, people can skate there, and it hosts everything from concerts to farmers markets. We approve.  

4. Rogers Centre
Alright, it seems like logic has taken over this list. Of course the home of the Blue Jays and the biggest concerts this city can muster a camera phone’s heaven. Now if we could just work on bringing those beers down to under eleventy billion dollars.

5. Downtown Toronto
And just like that, we’re back to Crazy Town. Apparently for #5, the site had a hard time distinguishing between landmarks and, you know, an entire area. If you’re going to use a header like Downtown Toronto, how is it not #1!?  

6. Yonge & Dundas Square
Our Times Square rebuttal may not have the same iconic appeal as the NYC original but as long as The Imperial Pub is there, we’ll keep going back. 

7. St. Lawrence Market
Have you ever been on Instagram? People really, really, really, like taking pictures of food. And what better place to do it than National Geographic’s 2012 world’s best food market winner? That’s right, we’re kind of a big deal.

8. City Hall
This is Jimmy Kimmel’s fault.

9. Hockey Hall of Fame
Surely this isn’t you still going here, Toronto. This must be tourists, right? It seems like one of the most Canadian things a non-Canadian would assume is really Canadian. Us, we haven’t watched hockey in 47 years and counting

10. The Bay (at The Eaton’s Centre)
At least we end with something sensible. One of our nation’s biggest brands (even if we don’t own it anymore) represented on our biggest street in what is likely our most prestigious mall – if a mall can be prestigious. Good job photogs, way to close with some sanity.

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All images from: wikipedia

St Lawrence Market image from: FSlocal.com

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