When it comes to sports in Canada, there’s only one that comes to mind: HOCKEY! Yes, the Toronto Raptors were the talk of the country with their #WETHENORTH slogan and lint rollers, but they got eliminated and now the only northern team left is a hockey team and that team is the historic Montreal Canadiens. All eyes are on the Habs as they try to stave off elimination against the Boston Bruins to remain Canada’s team to bring the Stanley Cup back home. 

The last major championships to come to Canada were back in 1993, in baseball with the Toronto Blue Jays, and the other with the Habs. So, really, Canada needs Montreal to stay alive for our sports spirit and pride.

Yes, when there is a Canadian hockey team in the NHL going for the cup, it’s always good for sports bars all over Canada. Fans of the game will buy beer, extra food, go to their local pubs, and spend that beautiful loonie of ours to support the economy. Local spots like MBRGR, Bier Markt, The Royal Merchant, Burgundy Lion, Chez Serge and more get filled up with fans from the entire city cheering together over Canadian beers and poutine.

The most followed NHL hockey team on twitter is the Montreal Canadiens, which means there’s a lot of buzz happening if they stay alive and keep trending across not only Canada, but the hockey sphere in general. #GohabsGo

Boston is our biggest nemesis.
Kicking them out of the playoffs will be as sweet as victory can get at this point. With 24 championships, you touch a lot of generations, and these generations through time have scattered throughout the country… but they don’t forget where their loyalty lies and that’s the bleu-blanc-rouge (blue-white-red). It doesn’t matter what religion, race or language you speak, if walk around the country today (or anywhere else in the world) one thing most people will agree on is that Canadians will be rooting for Les Canadiens to win – and continue the hockey glory that our country is known for.

Ginette Reno
A household name and icon all over Quebec and Canada,  how she sings the Canadian national anthem before each game with such pride and vigour makes even Quebec separatists feel touched by her rendition. National unity at its finest! 

And finally, if nothing else, weekday hangovers will continue being acceptable…


#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)


Cover image: Montreal Canadiens Facebook

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