Now in its 8th year, OSHEAGA has welcomed more than 400,000 fans and presented more than 600 bands since its creation. Sold out again this year for all three days, starting this Friday, August 2nd, Osheaga will once again offer local and travelling music lovers an exceptional experience this year thanks to great artists, an amazing atmosphere and an overall energy that can’t be explained unless you’ve been or you’re going.

Now, attending a big music festival like this seems easy; you buy the ticket, pick your outfit and off you go, but we tend to forget little things that can really make a big difference in our music-going experience at an event like this, so we figured we’d compile a little 411 on the what, where and who for you so you’re a bit better prepared. 

Let’s start with what you should have and be aware of when getting there.

First thing’s first: download the Osheaga app. It’ll be your go-to for pretty much everything at the festival, including the daily schedule, bios and links for every artist performing, a news section with any updates you need to know about, an interactive map that will be a life-saver (especially if you decided on early morning drinking) and, lastly, a fun little camera that lets you snap shots of you and your buddies with a little green monster attached to share away.

Prepare your transportation. We highly suggest you do NOT drive. The metro will take you pretty much directly to the grounds and it’s a far safer way to get there and back, especially if you are planning on stacking up the beer cups all day. If you insist on driving, good luck finding parking and enjoy cussing away.

Shoes. Yes, shoes! Such a small detail but it’ll make a huge difference in your day. A lot of us dress to impress and perhaps snap some streetwear shots, but heels, wedges and any other footwear that will make you bowlegged by night should be a no-no. You’re on your feet all day getting dirty – rock those sneaks, boots or, if you’re brave, flip flops.

Hydrate, people. You may not feel dehydration cause of all the excitement and adrenaline, but believe us, at least two bottles of water should be a must during the day, especially with all the free water stations on site.

If you’re in a lazier mood and prefer sitting, picnicking and napping while bands play away, bring blankets or towels to spread on the grass so you can be comfortable at least.

May we also suggest cash? Yes, ATMs are on site, but just like the dreaded bathroom lineups, you might be waiting for a while behind a herd. Plus you’ll obviously get the munchies – need cash for that, too!

One last thing: a dead cell battery is your worst nightmare there, especially if you split with your group to see different acts. Charge, charge, charge! 

Now for the where. Here are some cool on-site activities you should note down to check out while on site:

Molson Canadian Chill Wifi Zone: The Molson Canadian Chill Zone will offer hammocks where you can enjoy ice cold Molson Canadian with free Wifi.

Drop by the Galaxie site at the Tree Stage for some summer fun, games, prizes and to vote for the Galaxie Rising Star.

Party at the Bacardi Oasis:  Join the party and enjoy the best view and cocktails on site!

Hang out at the H&M Loves Music tent where you can relax between sets, charge your phone, or get your DIY on with your favourite festival items!

Come find the Jack Link’s area to “Cool Off,” watch the show from an elevated platform, and “Feed Your Wild Side” with free samples of Canada’s #1 Beef Jerky. 

And lastly, the who! We all have different tastes in music, so we can’t tell you who you HAVE to see, but we will tell you who we THINK you should at least look into checking out aside from the mainstream big timers that are a must like The Cure, Mumford and Sons and Kendrick Lamar. Here are our top four acts that we’ll be rocking out too daily:

Friday: Ellie Goulding, Phoenix, ALT-J and Wild Belle

Saturday: Stars, Yelawolf, Wild Nothing and GroupLove

Sunday: Hot Chip, Disclosure, Holy Ghost! and New Order 

Hope this helped a bit and don’t forget your sunglasses and your friends – they will be your coolest accessories throughout the weekend!


Cover Photo Courtesy Of: Osheaga

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