Let’s be honest – most of us can only wish our life was as picture perfect as it is on Instagram.

After all, the social media platform can make that subpar hotel look like you were staying in a palace, give the appearance of a perfect relationship when you got into a fight two minutes after that perfectly filtered shot was snapped, and make you appear a lot better looking (not to mention happier) than you are in real life.

Now, Chompoo Baritone, a photographer from Bangkok, Thailand shows just how fake Instagram can be in an amazing new photo series that you should really look at the next time you get all depressed after a night out and start comparing yourself to your social media “friends.”

In his work, he reveals how skilled (and even not-so-skilled) cropping and filtering can make the most mundane situations seem a lot more extraordinary than they really are. The photos are made complete with a playful model named Tilda Lindam.

These great shots may just make you see Instagram for what it is – a filtered version of your real-life.

All photos courtesy of Chompoo Baritone.

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