“I’m putting my dream on the backburner for the moment to care for my parents.”

Those are the words of Ruthie Cummings, owner of the Danforth restaurant, Das Gasthaus. In order to care for a mother who is ill and a father who is exhausted, only two years after opening her dream restaurant, Ruthie is putting the contemporary German gastro-pub up for sale.

For $150. In a raffle.

4,000 tickets are being sold and the winner, being drawn on December 1st, gets the whole kit and caboodle. 20 bar stools, a 12-draft bar, 7 chandeliers, etc.

“Everything is included. You walk in here, you see something, it’s included. The only thing I’m taking with me is my family paintings…with this raffle, I wanted someone else to be able to attain that without the struggle that I went through.”

You’ve been dreaming about it. You’ve been talking about it with friends for years. And here’s your chance. Go open a restaurant for the same price as a nice dinner for two.

Raffle tickets are available for purchase on the Win A Restaurant website until November 30th. Or whenever they sell out. Which I imagine will be much, much sooner.

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