Raw Bar

Known in Calgary for its inventive cocktails, Raw Bar is a stylish yet low-key place to grab a drink. And don’t let the name food you – most things on the menu are fully cooked

Notable Top 11 Future Flash Takeaways

Future Flash 2011 has come and gone, and in its wake resides a mass of intriguing concepts. The two-day conference – organized by the Institute of Communication Agencies – brought together thought...

Divino Wine and Cheese Bistro

Calling Divino a “wine and cheese bar” is a bit of an undersell. True, they have a great wine list and numerous delicious cheeses. However, the lunch and dinner menu there is mouth-watering – so much so that you’d be doing yourself a favour by going on a very empty stomach

iLane Device for Cars

Being always on the move and heavily weighed down with work is exactly why Intelligent Mechatronic Systems has developed the “Infotainment” iLane device for your car that connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and reads your emails and texts aloud to you while you drive. Useful, no

District Gastropub

The District’s slogan is “where foodies love to drink” and it’s easy to see why. The beer selection is comprised of house micro brews and premium bottle beers with a few old favourites thrown in for good measure

Tubby Dog

The best measure of great late night eats is now much your eyes widen when you receive your plates of food. When your get your dog at Tubby Dog, your eyebrows are likely to get to know your hairline in ways that they never have before

The Coup + Meet Restaurant & Lounge

Being a town known for it’s selection of meat, it’s not always easy to find good vegetarian food in Calgary. Fortunately, The Coup + Meet Restaurant and Lounge has all your needs covered with lunch, dinner and even cocktails next door in their lounge

Laurier Lounge

The reasons for loving Laurier Lounge are almost too numerous to list. For starters, they claim that their Warren Buffet Burger is the best burger in Calgary, and that their Cajun Chicken Burger is the second best

Acer Iconia Dual Touch Screen Laptop

Two is always better than one: a philosophy evidently embraced by the people at Acer in the design of their new Iconia Touchbook. Sporting dual touch screens and more CPU power than we've seen in the past from laptops like this, the Iconia would certainly be an ideal toy for any young professional

Thai Restaurant Khao San Road

Khao San Road's cuisine isn’t as complicated as its name might suggest. In early February 2011, in heart of Toronto's Entertainment District, Khao San Road recently opened its doors, delivering some of the best Thai favourites by Chef Nuit Regular, a native of Chiang Mai.