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About the Quebec Notable Awards powered by Fusion

November 20: Nominations Close

The Quebec Notable Awards powered by Fusion recognizes the most notable young professionals across the province of Quebec. Created by Canada’s undisputed publication for young professionals,, in partnership with Ford’s cutting edge and sleek Fusion, these awards are dedicated to recognizing the most notable young professionals across all of Quebec who are living the 360° young professional life, from work to play.

Young professionals in the following 20 industries all share the opportunity of being crowned the most notable within their industry. Winning a Quebec Notable Award grants recognition by leading corporations and individuals within Quebec and the rest of the country. Think of it as The Oscars for young professionals and entrepreneurs. To apply for a ticket to the After Party click here

The industries being recognized can be found here

You might be thinking, “how do I win a Quebec Notable Award?” or “I know someone who would be perfect to win an award, how do I nominate them?” Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Nomination Period

You can nominate yourself or a young professional that you know by clicking here (should take you back to the area where you nominate). Simply follow the instructions and submit your nomination!

Step 2: Voting Period

After the Nomination Period closes and all nominees are reviewed, voting begins. readers and the colleagues of the nominees are invited to vote on which young professional they feel is deserving of the award in the category that they have been nominated for. Anyone can vote on the young professional of his or her choice.

Step 3: Finalists Announced

At this stage the top finalists per category are announced. Finalists are selected based on the following criteria . All of the finalists will be invited with a guest to attend the Quebec Notable Awards powered by Fusion Awards Show and After Party.

Step 4: Winners Announced

On the evening of December 6, 2012, in Montreal, the Quebec Notable Award winners will be announced at the Awards Show. This is where the winners will be named and invited to the stage to accept their Quebec Notable Award! After the Awards Show hundreds of young professionals in Montreal and the rest of Quebec will attend the Quebec Notable Awards powered by Fusion After Party for mingling with the top young professionals across the province, with cocktails, tapas, and a party that only the best galas will rival.

For the decision criteria Click here

Rules and Regulations can be found here


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