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Marisa Feil

Marisa Feil

FWCanada, Inc.
Supervising Attorney


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Please describe how you are dedicated to your career:
When asked at the age of three, what I wanted to be when I grew up, I coolly responded that I would be a lawyer. Destiny seemed to have chosen my path at a very young age. So, 26 years later, while still employed at one of the leading immigration law firms in Canada, I decided to start my own firm with barely six months as a member of the Quebec Bar Association under my belt. I knew that I could provide a superior service to my clients, and offer a more exciting, and respect-oriented work environment for my employees. I have worked tirelessly over the last year and a half to build up a practice that I could not be more proud of, and have become a respected and determined Canadian immigration lawyer serving clients from around the world. There is rarely a moment when I am not available to my clients, or designing and implementing tools to simplify the immigration process.

My passion for the legal profession, and for Canada, extends beyond my paying clients; I’ve made it my personal mission to educate those outside the country on Canadian immigration requirements and policies by, writing journal articles, speaking at international conferences and speaking on nationally broadcasted radio shows, and I have many more future plans to help as many people benefit from the privileges of a Canadian life.

Despite attempts by the Canadian government to regulate fraud in the field, many attorneys and consultants with little to no experience in immigration law assert that they are experts in Canadian immigration. In an effort to provide greater transparency to prospective immigrants, when I made the decision to start my own Canadian immigration law practice in May of 2011, my aim was to provide high quality legal services in an effective and honest manner. Given the global reach of the internet, I decided to establish an online law firm so that people all over the globe could have access to the same information and quality legal services. I provide free eligibility assessments and consultations to individuals seeking residency in Canada, under more than 60 immigration categories. I wanted to give a person from rural India the opportunity to apply with the same wealth of information as a businessman living in Los Angeles.

To achieve this, I provide information on my website and via popular social media outlets. More importantly, however, I aim to simplify complicated legal concepts, so that everyone can attain the most important information when making the decision to immigrate to Canada. I have found that the best way to present this information is through straightforward, entertaining channels, such as, infographics, podcasts, and streaming video, and I attribute much of the success of my practice, and my client's positive feedback to these very initiatives.