Get Happier: 7 of the Best Happy Hours in Calgary

Calgary has no shortage of drink specials, but we’ve done our homework to give you the details on some of the city’s top spots for sipping tequila, winding down with a glass of reasonably priced win,e and enjoying pints that make drinking water seem uneconomical

The Best Bloody Drink Around: Calgary’s Best Caesars

People in Calgary are a proud bunch, and why wouldn’t we be? We’ve got Nenshi for mayor, the most ambitious food truck program across Canada, and, to top if all off, we invented that spicy little bar drink known as the Caesar. Today we’re giving a shoutout to our favourite cocktail and telling you where to find the best ones in the city

Calgary’s Best Restaurant As Voted By You

It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. Last week we asked our readers (the people with the best taste in town) to help us pick the very best restaurant in Calgary. You’ve tasted the Cali-style pizzas at UNA, sampled the charcuterie at FARM, and started your day with Cucina’s extraordinary breakfast and coffee. But there can only be one winner

The 10 Most Notable Calgary Restaurants of 2014

If you ask any young professional what makes them proud to live in Calgary, the local dining scene will probably be high on their list. In a city where staying on top of restaurants is like staying on top of your Facebook friends’ birthdays, we found it hard to pick just 10 our favourites for 2014