The Best New Montreal Restaurants of 2014

The last 365 days have seen any number of gastronomic hot-spots open up in Montreal. But only 10 made our list for the very best entries into Montreal’s culinary world. Read on to see if your favourite made the cut – or to get a fresh tip on the next 10 meals you need to eat

Calgary’s Best Restaurant As Voted By You

It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. Last week we asked our readers (the people with the best taste in town) to help us pick the very best restaurant in Calgary. You’ve tasted the Cali-style pizzas at UNA, sampled the charcuterie at FARM, and started your day with Cucina’s extraordinary breakfast and coffee. But there can only be one winner

The 10 Most Notable Calgary Restaurants of 2014

If you ask any young professional what makes them proud to live in Calgary, the local dining scene will probably be high on their list. In a city where staying on top of restaurants is like staying on top of your Facebook friends’ birthdays, we found it hard to pick just 10 our favourites for 2014

Vancouver: Your Dream Golf Bar is Opening this Week

Mixing innovation, sports, and a polished bar atmosphere into a single concept, One/Under Urban Golf Club is going to be the new after-work go-to, birthday party spot, office outing…and well, we’re pretty sure you’ll be coming up with every other reason to keep going back for a swing…

Does Calgary Need Another Steakhouse? Yes, Yes it Does

When people visit from bigger cities they’re always impressed with how fast Calgary’s culinary scene is moving. In the last year alone, it feels as if at least one new restaurant has opened up per week. And while the Calgary palate isn’t afraid to try new things, this weekend we’re returning to our foodie roots with a brand new steakhouse

7 Wine Bars To Check Out In Montreal

You. Wine. Bar. We know, those aren’t three words you’re totally comfortable putting together yet. But Montreal’s been stepping up its vino game and we think it’s about time you did too. So with that said, here are seven of the hottest places in the city to satisfy your inner oenophile

7 Reasons We Love Food Trucks

Modern food trucks are a thing of beauty. Sleek, styled, and offering some of the most creative cuisine across the country, how could we not fall in love with the site of one parked near us