17 Toronto Patios to Look Forward to This Summer

Now that we’re well into March, we can start fantasizing about patio season. Or perhaps more accurately, we HAVE to start fantasizing about patio season (especially after a February like that). Here are some Toronto patios about which you should be getting particularly excited

9 Great Vegan Restaurants in Toronto You Have to Try Now

Long before everyone was going paleo and gluten-free, Torontonians were concerned about their own health and that of the animals on the planet – and the vegan trend was born. These days it’s no big deal to be vegan, even if your parents still find it weird, and Toronto has more than enough great options for your dining pleasure

9 Great Meal Delivery Services in Toronto

It’s no surprise that busy young professionals rarely have time to cook after a long day in the office – but constantly succumbing to take-out on your way home will do damage to your health. Here are some options to help bring real food back into your life

Toronto’s Best New Bar of 2014 As Chosen by You

In one of our biggest polls of the year, the race was a tight one and came down to two very different venues in two very different locations. Keep reading to see who this city’s young professionals voted as Toronto’s best new bar of 2014

8 Notable Places to Network in Toronto This Summer

Your local is full of, wait for it, locals. So if you’re looking to spread your network beyond the last bar stool, it’s time to get out there. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of breeding grounds where key connections can be made this summer in Toronto