With the highly anticipated arrival of Topshop and Topman at select The Bay stores this fall, it was inevitable that fashion-loving young professionals would start to get, well, more than a little antsy...okay, a lot antsy

Notable Concept: Timeraiser

As young professionals, we recognize the need to give back to our communities. Making donations is great, and charities and not-for-profits rely heavily on the monies they acquire through fundraising. But another, sometimes forgotten aspect of supporting community endeavours is, simply, a helping hand

The Beer Boutique in Liberty Village

It's no question that Canadians love their beer. (We could enter any number of cliched “Canadiana” sayings here, but we'll spare ourselves the embarrassment.) So when we heard about The Beer Store's latest concept, The Beer Boutique, needless to say we were more than a little excited

5 Notable Summer Getaways near Calgary

The seasons have finally turned, and the itch for some rest and relaxation is becoming almost too much to bare. After all, you work hard and deserve a pause, whether it’s for a night, a couple days, or even a week. So, we’ve narrowed down five notable getaways within driving distance of the Calgary area

5 Notable Summer Getaways near Vancouver

We don't know if you know this, but we're already about halfway through June. And though summer doesn't technically start for another 7 days, 21 hours, and 7 minutes (we're ballparking it), it's time to start booking those heck-yeah vacation days and making your city escape plans

Harry Rosen’s Fall Line

Harry Rosen has been dressing distinguished gentlemen for over fifty years, and their Fall 2010 Collection is no exception. By combining classic styles with modern inspiration, Harry Rosen is the most notable retailer for young professional men this fall

Open, Decant, Serve: How to Serve Wine Like a Pro

Most people know how to drink wine (no problem!) but they may not necessarily feel comfortable serving it. While it does seem like a fairly simple task (open, pour and enjoy), there is a bit of an art to serving wine – including how to properly open the bottle and show your good taste off

Leica i9 Camera Concept for iPhone

Imagine being able to take professional-quality photos with your iPhone 4. Better yet, imagine docking your iPhone 4 into a case that doubles as a ready-to-shoot professional camera. We've got some great news: You might not have to imagine much longer

Balcony Gardening on the Rise

Summer is here (it actually feels like it most days!), and for a young professional living in a downtown apartment or condo, that can mean it's time to spruce up your balcony. The art of container gardening is on the rise and offers a way to keep the growth of plants and vegetables limited, meaning they could easily fit on a balcony and transform it into a legitimate outdoor space