Preview Harry Rosen Fall and Winter 2011

Notable was invited to an intimate preview of the Harry Rosen Fall/Winter 2011 collection at the expansive Bloor Street location, and what's in store for the cooler seasons ahead are some hot styles

Where to Shop Now in Montreal

The changing of the seasons always leads to a changing of our wardrobes. Out with the cold, in the new, as we like to say. Luckily for fashion-loving Montrealers, there are a few new shopping spots to check out to update your closet and celebrate summer style

Montreal Museum of Fine Art Notable Exhibitions

From its origins in 1860 to present day, the Montreal Museum of Fine Art (MMFA) has been an historic landmark that entrances Montrealers and tourists alike. With the summer upon us, we thought it an apt time to take a look at some notable exhibitions

Coming Soon: HP TouchPad

With touchscreen tablets being the new a la mode product releases for many a tech company, it was only a matter of time before personal computer heavyweight HP would release their own entry with the upcoming release of the TouchPad

Notable Getaways: Camping Near Montreal

For those of you who relish the idea of packing a camper, grabbing a few friends, and heading out into the wilderness for some fun by the beach and nights by the campfire, we've brought you this list of notable camping areas not-too-far from Montreal

Notable Weekend: Top Beach Getaways Near Vancouver

Mother Nature’s been teasing us with sunshine for a while now here on the Coast – but warmer months are finally upon us. This calls for maximizing time spent chilling at the beach...and BC indeed has a bounty of beautiful beaches

This Weekend in Calgary

Ever have a hard time deciding what to do on that glorious two-day stretch called the weekend? Well here's the Notable roundup for some fun and unique events happening this weekend in Calgary

Converse Fall 2011 Preview

Converse is a brand that has successfully avoided irrelevance over the course of its life, a rare feat for any label let alone one as rife with competition as casual footwear. But gone are the days when Converse was synonymous with skateboarder culture, now it has entered a new era of fashion-forwardness


With the highly anticipated arrival of Topshop and Topman at select The Bay stores this fall, it was inevitable that fashion-loving young professionals would start to get, well, more than a little antsy...okay, a lot antsy

Notable Concept: Timeraiser

As young professionals, we recognize the need to give back to our communities. Making donations is great, and charities and not-for-profits rely heavily on the monies they acquire through fundraising. But another, sometimes forgotten aspect of supporting community endeavours is, simply, a helping hand