YPDaily: Matt Austin

Matt Austin is a thirtysomething Canadian director who recently co-created and directed a series called The Right Hand, which will air on TMN in October, and is widely known for directing the 2009 feature documentary Don't You Forget About Me about John Hughes. Find out more about this young Canadian talent in today's YPDaily

YPDaily: Jill Barber

Jill Barber is a 31-year-old musician and Queen's University grad. Her day-to-day can see her anywhere from the studio to driving down the highway in a tour bus to standing on stage in front a roaring audience. Find out more about this chanteuse in today's YPDaily

Recap: The Top 10 Event

The Top 10 Event – a night that brought together thought-leaders across myriad of industries to inspire and share the one thing you need to know before you die.

YEDaily: Andrea Baxter

Andrea Baxter is a whip-smart young entrepreneur who relied on her passions to carry her through the creation of both her businesses, Bratface Marketing and Smart Cookies. Find out more about this accomplished woman in today's YEDaily

YPDaily: Matt Barber

Matthew Barber is a 34-year-old musician who has built a career out of doing what he loves: performing and recording music. (If you've ever tried to make it in the 'biz', you'll know that's no easy feat.) Find out more about this Canadian artist in today's YPDaily

YEDaily: Munaf Samji

Munaf Samji is a 27-year-old businessman who embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. As the CEO and publisher of The OGM (the Oil and Gas Magazine), Munaf and his team have created a toolkit around oil and gas and new energy. He also started Blanc Cosmetics, which now has global distribution

YPDaily: Nicole Winchester

As an interactive producer at CBC, Nicole Winchester has to bridge the gap between traditional television and modern online conversation. Find out more about this 36-year-old young professional with a gusto for life and a love of travel in today's YPDaily

Notable Films at TIFF 2011

Film festival fever has begun yet again in Toronto, with this morning's announcement of films to expect at TIFF 2011. The Toronto International Film Festival is one of our favourite times of year, when the city becomes a hotbed for celebrity sightings and Hollywood North culture. Below are our picks for the notable screenings announced for TIFF 2011

Tribute: The 27 Club

On July 23rd, the news broke that Amy Winehouse had been found dead in her apartment. She was 27 years old. Quickly, conversation on social media sites turned to what is referred to as the “27 Club,” a group of musicians who all passed at the age of 27. pays tribute to the musical pioneers whose lives were cut short before their time