YEDaily: Eric Brass

Eric Brass is a 28-year-old founder and co-CEO of Tequila Tromba, a premium tequila brand available in some of Toronto's greatest bars. (And might we say one of the best we've ever sipped.) Find out what led this driven YP to start his brand in today's YEDaily

YPDaily: Sebastian Pigott

Sebastian Pigott is a Canadian actor/musician known for finishing in the Top 10 of Canadian Idol's sixth season – alongside his brother Oliver – and for his role on the series Being Erica. Find out more about this 28-year-old rising star in today's YPDaily

YEDaily: Tatiana Read

Tatiana Read is the 29-year-old Director behind Knot PR, a communications agency servicing several notable clients. In her role, Tatiana can run the gamut from publicist to techie to boss at any given time, always handling herself with grace and style. Find out more about this young entrepreneur in today's YEDaily

Calvin Klein’s New Naked Glamour Campaign

Calvin Klein is known for having some of the most notable ad campaigns of any fashion house. Using rising stars and established celebs, Calvin Klein's seasonal campaigns are always a mix of sexy yet subtly chic. Such is the case with the recently released creative for Calvin Klein's line, Naked Glamour

YPDaily: Karen Snider

Karen Snider is a thirtysomething philanthropic young professional who is the National Media Manager for the Canadian Red Cross. Her workday can change up at a moment's notice if disaster strikes, and that's when she kicks into high gear and public response and information becomes tantamount. Find out more about this amazingly adaptable woman in today's YPDaily

YPDaily: Gideon Arthurs

As Executive Director of Toronto Fringe – which produces the Toronto Fringe Festival and the Next Stage Theatre Festival – 32-year-old Gideon Arthurs is taxed with fostering a sustainable and healthy future for the organization; no small feat, but he's handling the responsibility with care and determination. Find out more about this outstanding young professional in today's YPDaily

YEDaily: Ela Kowalewska and Martin Aldorsson

It's often hard in an oversaturated marketplace to stand out and make a name for yourself, but 30-year-old Ela Kowalewska, along with her business partner and fiancé Martin Aldorsson (31), launched the ela line of handbags in September 2010 – which in less than a year has become a known brand among Canada's fashionistas. Find out more about these two young entrepreneurs in today's YEDaily

Notable Free Concerts at Echo Beach

Ontario Place, a Toronto landmark and one of the few places in the city that doesn't feel like the city, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. To pay homage to this milestone, Ontario Place has partnered with Live Nation Entertainment to bring Torontonians a free four-concert series at Echo Beach as part of the celebrations

YEDaily: Athena D’Amato and Jordan Monaghan

Athena D'Amato, 25-year-old co-founder and Director of Operations, and Jordan Monaghan, 28-year-old co-founder and Director of Accounts, are a digital media-savvy pair who started their company, Angle Media Group, in September 2008. Find out more about this dynamic duo in today's YEDaily

Summer Live at Stanley Park

Only a week after Canada Day and it's already time to honour another notable birthday: Vancouver's 125th anniversary and year as Cultural Capital of Canada will be celebrated with Summer Live, part of Vancouver 125 – a year-long program of anniversary initiatives and events