Young Entrepreneur: Brian Etcovitch

Today's Young Entrepreneur is Brian Etcovitch, founder of of swUrl Frozen Yogurt Shoppe which he opened on Montreal's Crescent Street in August 2010. Find out more about this entrepreneurial spirit in today's Young Entrepreneur feature

Weekly Look at Movies Tree of Life

In this edition of our weekly look at movies, we sat down with Young Professional Andrea Miller, Producer at Cineplex.com, to find out the scoop on Terrence Malick`s latest film, The Tree of Life. Make sure to read on after the interview to find out how to enter to win this week’s movie contest

YPDaily: Erick Bauer and Steve Cameron

Erick Bauer and Steve Cameron are 26-year-old childhood friends. Erick is Consultant at APEX Public Relations Inc., and Steve is a Mortgage Underwriter at the Home Trust Company. But their story is so much more than just a couple great jobs

YPDaily: Rhiannon MacDonnell

This 26-year-old Doctoral candidate in consumer psychology thrives on being involved in her community and has a passion for bringing people together and building relationships. Read more about Rhiannon MacDonnell, Notable.ca's Calgary Editor, in today's Young Professional Daily

YPDaily: Melissa Grelo

Thousands of Torontonians start their day with Melissa Grelo, Co-Host of CP24 Breakfast. The gorgeous 33-year-old Grelo informs and entertains Toronto's weary-eyed viewers as they sip the first of several caffeine injections and find out what's going on in the world around them

YPDaily: Rhiannon MacDonnell

Rhiannon MacDonnell is a philanthropic young professional in Calgary with vision and drive. This 26-year-old Doctoral candidate in consumer psychology thrives on being involved in her community and has a passion fo'r bringing people together and building relationships

YPDaily: Angela Smith

Angela Smith is hard not to like. Angie is a producer and On-Air Fashion Expert at ET Canada, you've probably seen her reporting on the latest fashion trend or schmoozing with celebrities on the red carpet

YPDaily: Paul Crowe

If you work in communications or the not-for-profit sector there is a likely chance that you have met Paul Crowe or that you have been touched by one of his city-changing endeavours

YPDaily: Gillian Hewitt Smith

To not become inspired while sitting at the same boardroom table as Gillian Hewitt Smith is virtually impossible. Gillian is our definition of what it means to be a fully engaged young professional today

YPDaily: Trina Boos

Driven, charismatic, and focused, Trina Boos has created a name for herself in the advertising and communications industry that most of the industry's decision makers are now familiar with