Young Entrepreneur: Hailey Coleman

You may have seen here on Dragons Den talking shop with Arlene Dickinson, or you may have worn her creation back to your condo from dinner/ drinks last night, but have you met Hailey Coleman (online, at least), founder of Damn Heels

Young Entrepreneur: Christie Ness

The owner of Get Spun, 29-year-old Christie Ness, started the business three years ago when she was only 26, and has not only kept the space alive but also populated by a loyal clientele of young professionals and King West types

Young Entrepreneur: Gillian Tweedie

Gillian Tweedie, a 30-year-old entrepreneur, responded to Toronto's over-saturated bar and lounge market with Goodnight – Toronto's first reservation-only bar that she started with partners Denny Lee and Matt George in July 2010