YPDaily: Erin Bury

Did you know that Toronto is home to one of the fastest growing tech-communities in the world? Now you do. And just ask anyone in the Toronto tech scene about Erin Bury, and they’ll tell you that she helped make the term “Community Manager”, a commonly known job title

YPDaily: Bryan Jackson

Meet Bryan Jackson, a YP that isn’t putting his vision(s) on hold, but instead going after them, simultaneously! Bryan has created a positive name for himself across multiple industries and may quite possibly be the only Creative Director in Canada that can also bake a waffle to perfection

YPDaily: Lexi Mitz

Industrious, driven, and philanthropic, Lexi Mitz embodies all of the characteristics that we feel epitomize what it means to be a Notable Young Professional. Lexi has worked her way up the ranks in her "j-o-b" to positively impact a young Canadian company's bottom-line, while simultaneously launching a successful photography business in her spare time. Get to know Lexi Mitz in this Young Professional Daily

YPDaily: Inka Bari

Career and community, these are two things at the top of Inka Bari’s mind on a day-to-day basis. Inka works hard in the fast-moving corporate world everyday while giving back her time, energy, and ideas to social causes that truly benefit from her dedication

YPDaily: Casie Stewart

The Internet industry is getting increasingly more competitive every single day and as a result succeeding in it becomes equally more challenging. Casie Stewart has managed to create herself as a popular Blog personality through her fun, informative, and introspective blog where she shares her life, no-holds-barred

YPDaily: Margot Grant Witz

The Elizabeth Grant Skin Care cosmetics and skin care line is by far one of the most known and long-lasting brands in the business. It has endured the test of time and today Margot Grant Witz, a Young Professional takes charge of the brand as it continues to grow and evolve. Get to know Margot Grant Witz in today's Young Professional Daily on Notable.

YPDaily: William Predhomme

William Predhomme – who makes the calls when it comes to wine at Oliver and Bonacini's famed Toronto restaurant Canoe – handles the weighty position of head sommelier with class and care