YPDaily: Paul Etherington

Charming and driven, Paul Etherington is a force to be inspired by. In 2002 while working full-time in the insurance industry, along with his 2 brothers, Paul spearheaded motionball a nationwide philanthropic movement in support of Special Olympics

YPDaily: Robyn Baldwin

It’s hard to be in a boardroom and not notice Robyn Baldwin. We know from experience. Her insight into the consumer behavior of potential buyers is second to none, not to mention her energy and drive are also show-stoppers

YPDaily: Robert Marsh

Robert Marsh is an example of someone that has managed to work a full time job for an aggressive company while simultaneously growing his own side-project in to a successful stand-alone Non Profit Organization

YPDaily: Erin Bury

Did you know that Toronto is home to one of the fastest growing tech-communities in the world? Now you do. And just ask anyone in the Toronto tech scene about Erin Bury, and they’ll tell you that she helped make the term “Community Manager”, a commonly known job title

YPDaily: Bryan Jackson

Meet Bryan Jackson, a YP that isn’t putting his vision(s) on hold, but instead going after them, simultaneously! Bryan has created a positive name for himself across multiple industries and may quite possibly be the only Creative Director in Canada that can also bake a waffle to perfection

YPDaily: Lexi Mitz

Industrious, driven, and philanthropic, Lexi Mitz embodies all of the characteristics that we feel epitomize what it means to be a Notable Young Professional. Lexi has worked her way up the ranks in her "j-o-b" to positively impact a young Canadian company's bottom-line, while simultaneously launching a successful photography business in her spare time. Get to know Lexi Mitz in this Young Professional Daily