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Our Shoes of Choice for Making a Statement

By: Notable Posted in: Aldo - || August 29, 2013, 2:00 pm

Our Shoes of Choice for Making a Statement

When it comes to fashion, we don’t do mundane – and neither should you. We want to look exceptional, to stand out in a crowd, and to make our mark. Like it or not, the first thing people notice is your appearance, so if you want to be remembered, you need to make your wardrobe matter. This fall, stand out with these on-trend statement-making shoes that are sure to land you the job, or the date.

For the Ladies:

If confidence is the most attractive quality, then ALDO’s Thomason motorcycle ankle booties provide that boost you need. The metallic block heel, thick buckles and zippers, as well as three-inch heels, give a good-girl-gone-bad edge that promises to turn heads. They make a no-fail choice when hitting up a concert, underground bar, fashion event or cruising on the back (or in the driver’s seat) of a motorcycle.


For the Guys:

Whether on a date, on a patio with friends, or on a leisurely Sunday stroll, you are sure to leave your mark in ALDO’s Amilien high-top lace-ups. Retro-inspired, they reveal your approachable side and that you don’t take yourself too seriously (especially with colour options like bright blue or purple), and give off a general West Coast casual, cool feel. The leather material provides a sophisticated twist to the classic canvass street sneaker – making them casual Friday-appropriate in certain workplaces.


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