The incredible, indestructible Nokia 3310 that we all owned in the early Oughts was confirmed to be making its return at The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on Sunday.

The iconic Nokia 3310 is set to be launched this summer but the remodeled version of Nokia 3310  is not going to work in United States and Canada among other countries owing to limited frequency bands.

HMD Global which owns Nokia brand designed the remodeled Nokia 3310 to operate on the old frequencies, 900 MHz and 1800 MHz, which were used across the globe at the time when mobile phone Internet had not taken over. The United States and Canada have both discarded the two old frequencies because we operate entirely on 3G and 4G, contrary to developing countries where old frequencies are still available to consumers.

Unfortunately, Canadians will not be playing ‘Snake’ anytime soon. Read more on Tech Radar here.


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