Toronto’s premium chocolate game is hot like a steaming cup o’ Araguani de Valrhona.

The International Chocolate Awards, an event worth quitting your job and working towards being a judge for, have recognized Toronto’s SOMA Chocolatemaker as the world’s best manufacturer of straight-up dark chocolate.

SOMA’s Porcelana, derived from the holy grail of cacao beans, won gold in the “plain/origin dark chocolate bars” category. Their relentlessly delicious Thai Stick truffles also placed runner-up in the ‘ganaches or truffles using mixed dark/milk/white for coating and fillings’ category. A few months ago, the Toronto chocolatemaker had its 70% CSB Chama crowned best-in-show in the Americas regional, semifinal round.

This makes us just as excited about the fact that there’s a tournament-style chocolate world cup as it does knowing we have the best 75% cacao creation on earth.

Just one more reason to spend your entire winter in the Distillery.

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